Brazil Class Relationships

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Brazil Class Relationships by Mind Map: Brazil Class Relationships

1. Domestic Wage Earner

1.1. Love hate relationship

1.2. Lowest on the totem pole

1.3. Worker loyalty and longevity

2. Domination

2.1. The rich need the poor and the poor need the rich

2.1.1. The financially stable upper class need the low income domestic workers to solidify their status in the community

2.1.2. Take on the task of sustaining upper and middle class life inside the home

2.2. Minimal Class Upward Mobility

2.3. Coping Mechanisms

2.3.1. Family focus

2.3.2. Laughing at tough circumstances or outcomes regarding life Mocking the rich

2.3.3. Carnivale, Role reversal

3. Education

3.1. Public School

3.1.1. Poor and or Middle Class In regards to the poor, sustaining one`s family, financially, becomes more important than finishing school

3.2. Private School

3.2.1. Middle Class and or Upper Class

3.3. Middle class families receive a glimpse of both sides of the education spectrum

4. Rio de Janerio

4.1. Upper class pushed the poor to the outlining hills

4.1.1. Favela

4.2. Class divide

5. Domestic Wage Employer

5.1. Believed to be modern

5.2. Believed to be bettering the low incomes domestic worker`s life by taking them in