Parle Français

This is my first mind map as practice and I find it quite intuittive and easy.

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Parle Français by Mind Map: Parle Français

1. My blogs

1.1. Resources

1.1.1. Songs

1.1.2. Vocabulary - Grammar

1.1.3. Audio Books - Cinema

1.1.4. When in France

1.1.5. RESOURCES: Websites in French

1.2. Links : List of free websites to learn

1.3. As time passes blog

1.4. Common French expressions

2. Forum

2.1. Get help from French Tutor and Others

2.2. Suggest new content

3. Sign Up as a member !

4. Tchat: practice "bavardages"


5.1. Credits

5.2. Featured

6. Your personal blog in French