Parle Français

This is my first mind map as practice and I find it quite intuittive and easy.

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Parle Français by Mind Map: Parle Français

1. Forum

1.1. Get help from French Tutor and Others

1.2. Suggest new content

2. Sign Up as a member !

3. Tchat: practice "bavardages"


4.1. Credits

4.2. Featured

5. My blogs

5.1. Resources

5.1.1. Songs

5.1.2. Vocabulary - Grammar

5.1.3. Audio Books - Cinema

5.1.4. When in France

5.1.5. RESOURCES: Websites in French

5.2. Links : List of free websites to learn

5.3. As time passes blog

5.4. Common French expressions

6. Your personal blog in French