Analysis & Problem Definition: Methodological Cycle # 1

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Analysis & Problem Definition: Methodological Cycle # 1 by Mind Map: Analysis & Problem Definition: Methodological Cycle # 1

1. also some academic staff are using tools of their choice in their courses, this has not been considered and planned for.

1.1. blogs

1.2. mind maps

1.3. wiki

1.4. new learning technologies

1.4.1. used for learning OR designed learning

1.5. twitter

2. The university is aware that a few other universities have already rolled out Web tools and technologies for students (wikis, blogs, Youtube, podcasting, etc) and it is playing a catch up game. After several meetings and tonnes of papers, the Board has decided that it needs to engage with the use of Web technologies in university courses. However, the university is mindful of pedgagogical implications of technological change, legal obligations to staff and students, and managing expectations of staff and students. The university wants to take a planned and considered approach in this change management.

3. students

3.1. valuing change want to adopt technology

3.2. appropriate use of technology - comparable to face-to-face

3.3. future of learning?

4. copyright, legal issues, etc

5. pedagogical concerns

5.1. pedagogy before the technology

5.2. strategic planning

6. expectations of staff and students

7. drivers for change

7.1. ICT infrastructure?

7.2. Innovation

7.3. Competition for students

7.4. learning and changing organisation

8. resistance to change

8.1. research profile

8.2. technologies a passing fad

8.3. good teaching does not require technology

9. Funding and Resources


11. CATWOE Root Definition: eg

12. C: students, academic staff, admin and IT staff, consultants/modellers, ?? potential students,

13. A: students, academic staff who are active users of web technology, academic staff who do not use web technology, admin and IT staff

14. T: the challenges in implementation of Web 2.0 tools and technologies in courses at university: Embracing change in 21st Century: creation of university wide policy; the university that is aware but unprepared for the use of web technology in teaching and learning is transformed into an organisation that is aware and embraces the changes brought by the use of web technology in its courses.

15. W: the (enhanced, prepared, aware) supported use of web technologies in university courses can enhance an university's (position, legal table standing among peer institutions, student employers... )

16. O: university governance, ICT directors, deans of schools/faculties,

17. E: ICT infrastructure (budget/planning/resources), academy regulations, teaching and learning policy, what does this system take as given:

18. Root definition: a system to manage/create/transform/implement knowledge of the challenges face by universities whose courses use web technologies in their courses by Y in order to achieve Z; transforming policies and thinking about ways to use technologies