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Ph. D. Research Proposals by Mind Map: Ph. D. Research Proposals
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Ph. D. Research Proposals

execution of the proposal


timeline and milestones

additional questions







make a copy of this mindmap

for each of the questions (green nodes), write your answer or possible answers as subnodes

share and discuss the result with your advisor

finally, write up a regular written Ph.D. proposal

scroll to the right to continue


A Ph.D. proposal should generally be worked out in collaboration with the faculty member you will be studying with.

Ph.D. proposals serve multiple purposes.

This worksheet asks questions you need to ask yourself for a Ph.D. proposal. You still need to write up an actual proposal from the answers.

You probably will have to talk about some of these questions with your advisor to figure out what the question is trying to get at and to get advice on where to go with it.