e-Reading Ideas

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e-Reading Ideas by Mind Map: e-Reading Ideas

1. Basic Ideas

1.1. Students can read a range of books using an electronic device rather than a traditional book

1.2. Students *may* be able to take the devices away from the classroom in order to continue reading

1.3. Students can write their own stories or edit stories on a computer, export as an eBook and view/read them on the device

1.4. Students may be able to write reviews or complete associated tasks on the device

1.5. Students can share stories

1.6. Students *may* be able to play an MP3 version of the story whilst reading

1.7. Students could annotate their stories - potentially useful specifically in English

1.8. Potential for purchasing text books in this format, and annotating for later revision

2. Devices

2.1. PDA/Smartphone

2.1.1. Advantages Can add other curriculum software (e.g. SUMSonline) Multi-function device. If allowed to take home then device becomes more frequently used. Can get a good deal @ £50 per device Broad range of software and file formats

2.1.2. Disadvantages Can add other non-curriculum software (e.g. games) If a smartphone, students could stick their own SIM card Small screen - could put some students off

2.2. eBook Reader (e.g. Sony)

2.2.1. Advantages Specifically engineered for reading Larger screen, longer lasting batteries Single purpose - so no confusion over intended use Harder to lose

2.2.2. Disadvantages Most expensive solution Bulky, so not as portable Possible DRM/filetype restrictions (need to investigate further)

2.3. PSP/DS

2.3.1. Advantages Range of learning products available Quite cheap (< £100 new) Students already familiar with and able to engage with

2.3.2. Disadvantages Games could be a distraction Desirable items - possibly likely to go missing May be seen as too gimmicky or toy-like for parents/governors/SMT Small screens Possible DRM/filetype restrictions

2.4. UMPC

2.4.1. Advantages May be able to source form Science due to upgrade cycle No filetype/DRM restrictions Mid-sized screen Range of other applications available Many students already familiar with them Easy to network Keyboard included for any related tasks

2.4.2. Disadvantages Bulky due to size Potential for distraction due to other applications Students (may) already associate them with work

3. Useful Links

3.1. Rising Stars: http://www.risingstars-uk.com/

3.2. Rising Stars 'Extraordinary Files' http://customerimages.education.co.uk/rising_stars/EXFILES.pdf

3.3. SUMSonline PDA offer http://www.sums.co.uk/dellpda.htm