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New Home by Mind Map: New Home

1. Selling our home

1.1. Picking a Realtor

1.2. Keeping it clean w/2 boys!

1.3. Getting what we owe, and have $for a down pmt

2. Picking a new location

2.1. Better school dist.

2.2. Good Neighborhood

2.3. Closer to Toms job, but close enough for me to still commute

3. Needs/wants

3.1. 3+BR

3.2. 2+Bath

3.3. Basement

3.3.1. Prefer Finished

3.4. Fenced in yard

3.4.1. 2 little doggies

3.5. Laundry on same level as BR's

3.6. Place for kids to play

4. Monthly Payment

4.1. Is it within our means

4.2. Are we still able to live comfortably

5. Finding a job closer to this new area

5.1. Will pay be comparable

5.2. Is it in a field I like

5.3. Are they hiring RN's with 1yr exp