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Jazzy's Geometry Reflection by Mind Map: Jazzy's Geometry Reflection
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Jazzy's Geometry Reflection

The total amount of angles in a triangle equals 180'altogether.

But regular squares equal 360' altogether.

To find a missing angle in a pentagon you add the numbers you all ready know, which equals 140+140+110+100+__= 540'. Then after adding those numbers say 540-490= 50

How to draw a equilateral triangle with a compass and protractor. With the angles all 60' each.

A square has 2 triangles and a pentagon has 3.

A octagon has 1080', and a decagon has 1440'.

A heptagon has 5 triangles and adds up to 900'.

I learned about co-ordinates, how to write them and what they are. When writing them you write the number that goes across then the number going up or down.