Educational Technology

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Educational Technology by Mind Map: Educational Technology

1. K-12 Students Today

1.1. Most jobs thats students will have in the next 20 years do not exist yet.

1.2. By 2016 the largest English speaking nation will be China.

1.3. 63% of teachers do not allow students to create things by use of technology while students enjoy it the most.

1.4. 61% of Reading Teachers do not use digital storytelling software in the classroom while many students use this software to willingly listen to hours of storytelling.

2. Looking Backward, Thinking Forward

2.1. Over the past 100 years Educaton has changed dramatically.

2.2. Many "experts" were horribly wrong about how technology would be used in our world.

2.3. It is impossible to tell how technology will change education in the future.

2.4. Change is constent. The world's technology is changing each and every day. Teachers must teach students how to adapt to these changing times that will come in the future.

3. Shift Happens

3.1. Technology changes the way we eat, communicate, commute, and many other things.

3.2. Todays society has more access to information than ever before in the history of the world

3.3. China and India have more honor students than the United States and students all together.

3.4. We must change our education techniques so that our future workers have a chance of being competitive in a global economy.

4. 3 Phases

4.1. Phases 1 teachers use technology to present information to their students.

4.2. Phase 2 Technology is used to do away with textbooks.

4.3. Phase 3 Technology is used to show others what kind of work students do by publishing their work.

4.4. Many teachers never make it to phases 2 or 3 but if we, as teachers can, wouldnt this help our students to be the most prepared for our forever changing world.