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Homepage by Mind Map: Homepage

1. News stream?

1.1. Favourable breaking public opinion polls

1.2. Training Materials (teasers?)

1.3. Analysis?

1.4. Journalist Profile Books?

2. Login Area

2.1. Join Rethink button

2.1.1. Join Rethink Media Page Take a tour Products Other members (sample logos of current members) Who can join Inquiry form

2.2. Login form

2.2.1. Member Dashboard Vocus login button Vocus Polls Training Materials Analysis Media Polls Journalist Profiles Breaking Polls Issue-based navigation

3. Footer menu

3.1. Tides

3.2. Legal notice

4. Slogan

4.1. The organizations we work with have the right solutions for a more peaceful, secure, just and democratic society. Our mission is to make sure those solutions are heard.

5. Secondary Menu

5.1. About

5.1.1. About

5.1.2. Team

5.1.3. Advisory and Brain Trust

5.1.4. Jobs

5.1.5. Jobs, Internships and Fellowships

5.2. Contact

5.3. Social Media

5.3.1. Twitter