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Petra by Mind Map: Petra
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Petra=Rock in greek

Arabic=rose colored city

Located in Western Jordan

built in the first century B.C. by an Arab tribe

Hidden to europeans until swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt.

rediscovered in 1812


High walls and surrounding mountains served as intimidating defenses against raiders tempted to plunder the city's wealth

The main entrence is called the Siq.

Jane Taylor photographer of Petra has described it "One of the beauties of Petra has been our freedom to climb wherever we want."

Found a pool complex in the 1800's


Guide tours available

Pera Archeological museum

Hotels and restaurants

Over 5000 visitors a day

People of Petra

Arabian nomads called the Nabataeans

Early nabataeans diliked houses believing that they trapped them to a greater power.

Movies & Fame

1989 film Indiana Jones



Elements:damaged the fragile stone


Christianity when the first christian emporer Constantine I

Strongly influenced by the Greeks(before they took over)

Worshiped gods & goddesses like Zues and Aphrodite/Venus