The Great Wall

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The Great Wall by Mind Map: The Great Wall

1. My experience.

1.1. 2008, summer.

1.2. visited historic places.

1.2.1. The Great Wall, I-ho Yuan, Tian an mun, Jjin-Jjan, Go Gung

2. characteristic

2.1. the length

2.2. the material chinese used to build

2.3. The Great Wall is even able to seen in the Moon

2.4. the outside of the Great Wall was covered by burnt bricks and with strongly hard clay they made the inner side

3. history

3.1. The rise and fall of dynasties

3.2. raleated person

3.2.1. jinsihuan had power.

3.3. Chinese history before built the wall

3.4. when is it built

3.5. The reason they built the wall

4. Geography

4.1. 不到長城非好漢

4.2. sections of the Great Wall at Jinshanling

4.3. unique structure

4.4. Bādálĭng Chángchéng

5. magnificent place to visit

6. is it really that the great wall of china can be seen in the moon?

7. New node