Hitler's Strategy in European Theater

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Hitler's Strategy in European Theater by Mind Map: Hitler's Strategy in European Theater

1. Nazi/USSR Non-Aggression Pact

1.1. Guaranteed that he would not face a two front war

1.2. If there was war between Germany and Poland:

1.2.1. Germany would gain West Poland and the "Polish Corridor"

1.2.2. Russia would gain Eastern Poland and the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

1.3. Stalin signed this in order to buy some time

2. Blitzkrieg ("Lightening War")

2.1. End of the "20 years truce"

2.2. Tanks and planes used to support ground infantry

2.3. Poland crushed in less than a month

3. Phony War

3.1. France vs. Germany

3.2. No movement from either side for 8 months

3.3. France built up defenses

3.3.1. Maginot Line

3.4. Geographic advantage- Shared the Ardennes forest

4. Invasion of Scandinavia

4.1. Hitler used Blitzkrieg to plow through the Ardennes Forest

4.2. Hitler invaded Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium

4.3. Attack on the Low Countries outflanked the Maginot Line

5. Maginot Line + Ardennes Forest

5.1. Maginot Line: A line of fortifications used in hopes to be able to repulse a German attack

5.2. France and Germany shared the Ardennes Forest

5.3. Used as defensive strategies in the Phony War

6. Luftwaffe

6.1. Used by Hitler in the Battle of Britain

6.2. Operation Sea Lion: While Britain was by itself, Hitler launched an aerial assault with the Luftwaffe across the British Channel

6.3. Hitler's air force targeted military bases and areas heavily populated by civilians

6.3.1. Done in attempt to destroy Britain's industry and civilian morale, however this failed