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Outcome/Significance by Mind Map: Outcome/Significance

1. Battle of Stalingrad

1.1. Lutwaffe went on nightly bomb raids and destroyed city

1.2. Feb 2, 1943- 90,000 frozen German troops surrendered to the Soviets.

1.3. Germany controlled 90% of city until Russian winter

1.4. Put Germany to Defensive side

2. D-Day

2.1. Invasion of Normandy- largest sea and land attack

2.2. July 25-Allies punched hole in German defenses

2.3. Sept- France, Belgium, and Luxembourg had liberated

3. Battle of the Bulge

3.1. Allied forces moved towards Germany from west while the Soviets from the east

3.2. Germans retreat

3.3. After battle, war in Europe rapidly drew to a close

4. Atomic Bomb

4.1. US bombed Hiroshima to avoid more casualties and quickly end war

4.2. used 2nd bomb on Nagasaki which ended World War 2

5. V-E Day

5.1. Victory in Europe Day

5.2. On May 9th, the surrender was officially signed in Berlin

5.3. After 6 years of fighting, the war in Europe had ended