The "Final Solution"

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The "Final Solution" by Mind Map: The "Final Solution"

1. Why?

1.1. Hitler became impatient waiting for jews to starve or die of disease in the ghettos.

1.2. Hitler thought his plan of conquest depended on the purity of Arian race.

1.2.1. Nazis felt they needed to eliminate other races, which they saw as inferior. Jews Russians Poles Homosexuals Disabled/Insane

2. What?

2.1. Program of genocide.

2.1.1. The killings begin SS soldiers rounded up Jewish men, women, and children. Shot them in pits. Taken to concentration camps/slave labor prisons.

2.1.2. The final stage Nazis built extermination camps. Killed in groups, in gas chambers.

3. Survivors

3.1. 6 million European Jews died.

3.2. Fewer than 4 million survived.

3.2.1. Some were helped by Non-Jewish people. Risked their lives