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3RD AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (June 7, 2017) by Mind Map: 3RD AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (June 7, 2017)

1. Webinar Replay

1.1. Click on the arrow

2. Get Support Now!

2.1. JV and Affiliate Support Page

2.1.1. https://jv.genndi.com/support

2.2. Facebook Group

2.2.1. Click on the arrow

2.2.2. Our entire partnership team looks at this Facebook Group!

3. Tools

3.1. PrettyLink Lite

3.1.1. Download Here

3.1.2. It's a free link shortener It's a WordPress Plug-In for your website

3.1.3. Advantages Can create branded links Can revise branded links Update link to the best affiliate program for you

3.2. Google Keep

3.2.1. Making checklists Improves your focus & productivity Keeps you organized

3.2.2. Joseph's sample checklist Promoting an Affiliate Offer Click on the arrow

3.2.3. Get it for free

3.3. Google Calendar

3.3.1. Recommended to use a separate Gmail account for this so it's separate from your personal calendar.

3.3.2. Affiliate promotional calendar

3.4. Physical Calendar

3.4.1. Ideally whiteboard calendar Current month view Full year view

4. Father's Day Sale

4.1. EverWebinar

4.1.1. Provide Dads with more time, especially personal and family time

4.1.2. Automation Earn income while you sleep

4.2. https://jv.genndi.com/fathersday

4.2.1. 6 Steps to participate in the promotion

4.2.2. Email Swipes will be provided for Affiliate Marketer

4.3. Promo Period: 10am, June 15 to 10am June 20 Pacific

4.3.1. 30-Days Free Trial for Users After Trial, Users will make 2 payments of $247 Affiliate will receive 40% commission

5. Kartra Account

5.1. Very intuitive

6. Answers to Affiliates' Questions

6.1. WebinarJam

6.1.1. WebinarJam 3.0 will launch within August 2017 Current users will be upgraded to the new version

6.1.2. Tools https://jv.genndi.com/wj-tools/ Main Funnel 12 Secrets Campaign 60 Days Free Trial $1 Trial

6.1.3. Uses the new Jam Cast Engine It's available in China

6.1.4. Presenters must be connected to a laptop of computer

6.2. Calendar of Activities

6.2.1. It's recommended to have a quarterly calendar system especially for goal setting However, your system should be customized to what is effective for you.

6.3. Calendar of Future Promotions

6.3.1. Not available as of the moment Will likely become available after July 2017. We apologize.