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Blue Lotus Website by Mind Map: Blue Lotus Website

1. About Us

1.1. Nathan


1.2. Ian

1.3. Juanita

1.4. Yatan

1.5. Our offices

2. the 6 sections - 4 specific to current GKIM projects - other 2 - $ and New Projects

3. Contact Us

4. BTW, also check if a floating LNG terminal will qualify for the loan. As you know common people in India all depend upon the cooking gas for their survival and I needs to import huge quantities of gas each month.

4.1. Infra Funds for Investing in India: Perumal Family Standard Charted Infra - 1st stop Lots of infra funds out there IDFC McCory - SBI Infra (State Bank of India) ICICI - Prudential Asia Development Bank ADB The Henderson India Infra Fund

4.2. Suppliers of LNG and Producers of LNG - Strategic Partners !