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Moscow by Mind Map: Moscow

1. demographics

1.1. Population:10,524,400

1.1.1. moscow has variouse amounts of names over the years ex. the third Rome, whitstone, the first throne,and the forty forties.

1.1.2. Art of Religion

1.2. christianity is the predominate religion in moscow.

2. economics

2.1. Moscow is a major economic centre and is home to one of the largest numbers of billionaires in the world. in 2008 moscow was named one of the most exspensive cityies in the world.

3. competition

3.1. moscow really has no competition it is one of the most richest places in the world.

4. areas of the city suitable for business

4.1. areas suitible for business in moscow range from many hotels,resturants,culture, and schools.

5. services

5.1. tour guides are some of the best services in moscow if u dont know where to go.

6. transportation

6.1. moscow has really good transpotation. the best in all of russia. Air,water,railway,metro,monorail,bus and Trolley bus, tram,taxi,and cars.

7. local interests

7.1. some local interests in moscow are art museum/gallery/lots of cultural events/golfing/nature wildlife/zoo/aquariums,religious sights and of course mcdonalds.

7.1.1. mcdonalds moscow