New York City

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New York City by Mind Map: New York City

1. Theirs a lot of services in New York City. If your business gets robbed or if any thing bad happens like a fire or anything , theirs alot of police departments and fire fighters.

2. Area Suitable For Business Alot of great shops in Lower Manhattan so around in that place is good to run a business.

3. The economy of New York City is the largest regional economy in the United States.New York is distinctive for its high concentrations of advanced service sector firms in fields such as law, accountancy, banking and management consultancy

4. Subway System

5. Population- 8.3 million people Ethnicity- Whites,Blacks or African Americans Age- All ages Gender- Males and Females

6. Adidas Originals Store American Girl Place Barneys New York Bergdorf Goodman Bloomingdale's

7. Demographics

8. Competition

9. Economics

10. Transportation

11. Services