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B2BGS 5 Fergus Gloster by Mind Map: B2BGS 5 Fergus Gloster
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B2BGS 5 Fergus Gloster

rise of visual content


intercative infographic

engage people

let people keep coming back

let them refresh your content

content strategy

content is about brains not budget

engage all employees to blog

filling the funnel

measuring is hard

have a social lift


love every lead

mine leads

nurture lead


is they visit your site they visit competition

have a nurturing strategy

lead scoring defined

hard ROI of lead scoring

sales development


marketing should adap to new reality

if they dont, the have challenges in 5 years

marketing forecast

marketing automation in conjunction

see guide via


1 way buyers buy is changes forever

2 publish / own content to help find you

3 leverage peer to peer influence

4 most leaders are not sales ready

5 use analytics to turn mkting from cost center to rev driver

add resources

sales & marketing funnel




who owns what piece of the funnel

types of content (=king)

early stage

middle stage

late stage


mindmapper Alexis van Dam

mindmap: visueel schema die zorgt dat je info beter kunt onthouden


aligning sales and marketing in digital world

information abundance