Belgrade is a city in serba

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Belgrade by Mind Map: Belgrade

1. Economy

1.1. There economy is in the stores and school and other things that they get money from.

1.2. There taxs are lower then the other country's taxs there income is low the polands income.

2. Demographics

2.1. The citys age is mostly were are looking for is the teens they are the one that can reflect off of.

2.2. Population in belgrade is around 1.6 million.

3. Transportation

3.1. There transport would be alot of things like cars planes and boat like our transport but they also have carts that take poeple around the city.

4. Services

4.1. There bank are full and there water is good there waste are good the services are all good.There water plainets pump up to 2 galions a day.

5. The local places

5.1. The local that we can sell the cloths would be the city center were alot of people go to buy there stuff.

6. websites