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Assignment by Mind Map: Assignment

1. Social Media

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. NB - Justification of topic

1.2. Tools - Description of tools

1.3. Advantages

1.4. Disadvantages

2. Digital Media

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. What is digital media?

2.1.2. explain choice of digital movie making

2.1.3. What exactly is digital media - give examples. Why I have chosen this area. Briefly touch on why would we use it in schools - it can bring benefits in terms of different learners, different curricular areas, can be used in different stages of the primary, etc. State that there are advantages and disadvantages: link to main body of assignment.

2.1.4. explain what essay will be about

2.2. Justify

2.2.1. why i have picked this

2.3. advantages/disadvantages

2.4. reflect on personal development

3. HHL

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. new generation, new technology

3.1.2. prenski

3.2. advantages

3.2.1. personalised learning

3.2.2. anytime, any place learning

3.2.3. active learning

3.2.4. Money benefits of combining many devices into one

3.3. Collaborative learning

3.3.1. How HHL enhances collaboration

3.3.2. Challenges of HHL learning

3.3.3. Benefits of collaborative learning

3.4. disadvantages

3.4.1. Expensive

3.4.2. Limited with somes devises wireless ablity

3.4.3. problem solving (bubble)

3.5. Expenses of devices

3.6. Readings

4. GBL

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1. Engaging aspect of GBL Alan November

4.1.2. Reasons for using GBL in a classroom Early years Upper stages Positive behaviour strategy New node

4.1.3. Good way to create a stimulus for topic

4.1.4. Through nursery module we have been looking at learning through play, this is a way to carry it on through into schools

4.2. Advantages

4.2.1. Can be used to motivate children, especially those who are reluctant to produce written work

4.2.2. Active

4.2.3. Makes Learning fun

4.2.4. Incorporates cross-curricular links

4.3. Disadvantages

4.3.1. Equipment is expensive

4.3.2. If equipment is limited not all children would be able to participate


5.1. Reflective writing

5.2. Links to CfE

5.2.1. Which experience and outcome?

5.3. Links to theory




7.1. Introduction

7.1.1. Introduce the concept


7.2.1. Loveless, A. & Ellis, V. (2001). ICT, Pedagogy and the curriculum. London: RoutledgeFalmer. Chapter4 - Is pedagogy affected by ICT? Chapter6 - Science beyond school - fits in with QR codes. IN LIBRARY

7.2.2. Leask, M. & Meadows, J. (2000). Teaching and learning with ICT in the primary school. London: RoutledgeFalmer. Many chapters apply to the different areas of study and provide generic information. IN LIBRARY