Designing for people (not devices)

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Designing for people (not devices) by Mind Map: Designing for people (not devices)

1. very clever but...

2. One of the problems with current social networks is that you have to be sitting down

3. Business users are still using the phone for voice

4. Killer apps

4.1. IA that tells you what the interactions on social networks mean.

4.2. Can you bring contextual information into the real world?

4.3. phones could pick info from other phones about their owners as they pass

4.4. A lot of marajuana is involved

5. when you design for mobiles you have to design for everyday street life

5.1. People have 'lines of flight'

6. UI

6.1. The difference between embedded services (address book, taking calls) and external IP services (youtube) are going to disappear

6.2. Different from sit-down PC, it's faster it has less time and attention

6.3. At small sizes it's easier to recognize photos than names

6.4. 1TB of information is search-centric

7. evolution of phone calls

7.1. Phoning places

7.2. phoning numbers

7.3. phoning people

8. in the beginning there was fire

9. and now we all have fires (mobiles) apparently

10. The real mobile social network is the one in your phone

10.1. MySpace and web based social networks are a way to find people who might migrate to the real social network