10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com

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10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com by Mind Map: 10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com

1. Match Between System & Real World

1.1. The image of the phone in the website is the same as the real design

1.2. The prices of the phone on the website are the same

2. User Control & Freedom

2.1. User do not have to log in in order to compare the plans and the prices of the phone

2.2. User can filter the search by selecting the brand of the phone

3. Error Prevention

3.1. Links are seperated according to catergory

4. Consistency & Standards

4.1. Contacts Us and Support go to the same link

4.2. Links are clearly seen

5. Help & Documentation

5.1. Link to Contact Us and Support are clearly stated

6. Help Users Recognise, Diagnose, & Recover from Error

6.1. Brands selected does not direct to the one that are choosen

7. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

7.1. Many separate information are not clearly stated

7.2. Links header are clearly stated

8. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use

8.1. User be able to know the different Brands, Model and specification of the phone though the website

9. Recognition Rather Than Recall

9.1. Information of different outlet are clearly stated in the link of support

10. Visibility of System Status

10.1. Login session timeout do not have prompt

10.2. The pages have all the links to what you want