ESO Grammar

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ESO Grammar by Mind Map: ESO Grammar


1.1. Will

1.1.1. I will travel to London

1.1.2. I won't travel to London

1.1.3. Will you travel to London?

1.2. Going to

1.2.1. This summer I going to the beach

1.2.2. This summer I am not going to the beach.

1.2.3. Are you going to the beach?

1.3. Present Continous

1.3.1. I'm playing volleyball this summer

1.3.2. I am not playing volleyball this summer

1.3.3. Are you playing volleyball this summer?


2.1. Perfect

2.1.1. I had ate pizza

2.1.2. I hadn't ate pizza

2.1.3. Had you ate pizza?

2.2. Continous

2.2.1. You were singing

2.2.2. You weren't singing

2.2.3. Were you singing?

2.3. Simple

2.3.1. I worked last year

2.3.2. I didn't work last year

2.3.3. Did I work last year?

2.4. Used to

2.4.1. I use to dance

2.4.2. I didn't use to dance

2.4.3. Did you use to dance?


3.1. Simple

3.1.1. I eat an ice cream

3.1.2. I don't eat an ice cream

3.1.3. Do you eat an ice cream?

3.2. Continous

3.2.1. We are dancing

3.2.2. We aren't dancing

3.2.3. Are you dacing?


3.3.1. I have done homework

3.3.2. I haven't done homewok

3.3.3. Have you done homework?


3.4.1. I have been waiting the bus

3.4.2. I haven't been waiting the bus

3.4.3. Have you been waiting the bus?


4.1. Ability

4.1.1. I can dance

4.1.2. I can't dance

4.1.3. Can you dance?

4.2. Possibility

4.2.1. I may read this summer

4.2.2. I may not read this summer

4.2.3. May you read this summer?

4.3. Permission

4.3.1. I could go to the cinema

4.3.2. I couldn't go to the cinema

4.3.3. Could you go to the cinema?