Seven keys to success for METU students in the extended semester

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Seven keys to success for METU students in the extended semester by Mind Map: Seven keys to success for METU students in the extended semester

1. Goal-orientation

1.1. Goal setting sheet

1.2. Amendments in process when neccessary

1.3. Monitoring progess

1.3.1. Peer observation

1.3.2. Self regulation

2. Awareness of resources

2.1. Integrate GPC techniques with students in class on a practical level

3. Natural motivation

3.1. Group discussions in class - share language learning techniques between peers

3.2. Stream students (perhaps after the first semester) according to ability. Research in Japan in a similar academic context as METU NCC shows that streaming in L2 courses has many advantages, including motivation.

4. Effective planning

4.1. Smartphone APP

4.1.1. MyStudyLife (free)

4.1.2. iStudiez Lite (free)

4.1.3. iStudiez Pro

5. Brain-friendly methods

5.1. Introduction to accelerated learning

5.2. Corpus-informed language learning

5.2.1. Wordandphrase - COCA

5.2.2. Wordandphrase - COCA Academic

6. Self-assessment

6.1. Vocabulary test

6.1.1. Schmitt, 2001 printed test answer sheet answer key

6.1.2. online tests Phrase test Level test (Nation, 1990) Size tests 1K-14K

6.2. Strategy Inventory for Language Learıng

6.2.1. Excel interactive (Turkish)

6.2.2. Paper based version (English)

6.2.3. Introduction for students

6.3. Multiple Intelligence Test (online)

6.4. Learning Styles Preference

6.4.1. guidelines

6.4.2. Turkish version

6.5. Speed reading

6.5.1. Introductory Passage 1

6.5.2. Introductory Passage 2

6.6. CEFR self-assessment grid

6.6.1. Turkish version

6.6.2. English version

6.7. CEFR level test

6.7.1. Multiple Choice level test

6.7.2. answer sheet

6.7.3. answer key

6.8. Rewrite METU course objectives as self-wareness framework

7. Self-evaluation

7.1. Daily diary

7.2. Buddy system

7.2.1. Self/Buddy Reflection Sheet