Technological Literacy

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Technological Literacy by Mind Map: Technological Literacy

1. Smartboard, computer, iPad,

2. Introduce technological terms, concepts and vocabulary.

2.1. URL--Uniform Resource Locator

2.2. RSS--Really Simple Syndication, web feed used to publish blog entries, news headlines, audios, videos, etc.

3. How to find a specific subject using a search engine.

3.1. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask,com, etc.

4. How to identify reliable resources

4.1. Not all database resources are truthfull

5. Create and use blogs for discussion

5.1. Great resource for parents and students to keep in touch with teacher.

6. Teach how to find resources

6.1. use a search engine to find reliable resources.

7. Identify extensions and what they represent

7.1. Survey various types of websites with different extensions.

8. Teach students how to wisely use the available technology.

9. Provide a great variety of websites for students to learn, apply, and create works.

10. Teach students and provide websites to find e-books.