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Chap.4/Chap.5 by Mind Map: Chap.4/Chap.5

1. Violence

1.1. Affects all of Brazil

1.1.1. Poor

1.1.2. Middle-Class

1.1.3. Upper-class

1.2. Starts at an early age

1.2.1. Boys have no time to be boys

1.2.2. Some boys are recruited to deal drugs by gangs

1.2.3. Street kids are killed regularly and in scores

1.3. Mostly young men die due to excessively high rates of crime

2. Types of Lives

2.1. Richer, "nurtured" children

2.2. Poorer, "nurturing" kids

2.2.1. Take on responsibilities

3. Life on the street

3.1. Exposes girls to a threatened life

3.1.1. Making them into women before the ages of 16

3.1.2. Usually women with children put both themselves and their children in danger

3.2. Many, if not most children on the street don't get educated.

3.3. Exposes to the use of guns and violence

3.4. Work before legal age and for low wages

3.4.1. Often never getting out of those jobs

3.4.2. Take jobs middle/upper-class never work

3.4.3. Only hardest of manual labor jobs available

4. "Elite Liberalism"

4.1. Grants the most liberties to those in the middle and upper class

4.1.1. Allow those classes to avoid the violence and crime on a day-to-day basis

4.1.2. Determined by skin color, neighborhood, etc.

5. Drug Crime

5.1. Fueled by middle-class and international influence

5.1.1. Drug used by poorer people is considered a bigger problem.

5.2. Young street kids work for gangs and fuel the operation due to low wages