Chapter 11: Sampling Distributions

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Chapter 11: Sampling Distributions by Mind Map: Chapter 11: Sampling Distributions

1. Sampling Distribution of Mean

1.1. u=ux

1.2. Central Limit Theorem: As sample sixe, n, increases, the sampling distribution of x becomes approximately normal.

2. The Sampling distribution is a statistic ~ a probablity distribution for all possible values of the statistic.

2.1. If the sample mean- x is the probability distribution of all possible values of the random variable x, computed from a sample side, n, from a population with u and standard deviation o.

2.2. If the shape of X is normally distributed, the distribution of the sample mean, x, is normally distributed.

3. Sampling Distribution of Sample Propotion

3.1. p=x/n

3.2. Approximately normal, provided np(1-p) >= 10

4. Shape, Center and Spread

4.1. ux=u is center ox=o/n is spread

4.2. Population is normal with mean u and Stand deviation o.