ESO Grammar

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ESO Grammar by Mind Map: ESO Grammar


1.1. Simple

1.1.1. I eat bread

1.1.2. I don't eat bread

1.1.3. Do I eat bread?

1.2. Continous

1.2.1. I'm eating bread

1.2.2. I'm not eating bread

1.2.3. Am I eating bread?

1.3. Perfect

1.3.1. Simple I have eaten bread I haven't eating bread Have I eaten bread?

1.3.2. Continuous I have been eating bread I haven't been eating bread Have I been eating bread?


2.1. Simple

2.1.1. I ate bread

2.1.2. I didn't eat bread

2.1.3. Did I eat bread?

2.2. Continuous

2.2.1. I was eating bread

2.2.2. I wasn't eating bread

2.2.3. Was I eating bread?

2.3. Perfect

2.3.1. Simple I had eaten bread I hadn't eaten bread Had I eaten bread?

2.3.2. Continuous I had been eating bread I hadn't been eating bread Had I been eating bread?


3.1. Simple

3.1.1. Be going to I am going to eat bread I'm not going to eat bread I am going to eat bread?

3.1.2. Will I will eat bred I won't eat bread Will I eat bread?

3.2. Continuous

3.2.1. Be going to I'm going to be eating bread I'm not going to be eating bread I am going to be eating bread?

3.2.2. Will I will be eating bread I'll not be eating bread Will I be eating bread?

3.2.3. Present I'm eating bread I'm not eating bread Am I eating bread?


4.1. Can

4.1.1. Can I eat bread? Possibility

4.1.2. I can drive a car Hability

4.2. could (past of can)

4.2.1. It could rain Possibility

4.2.2. I could run five mi, but now I can't Past Ability

4.2.3. We could go on the trip if I didn't have to work this wekeend Conditional

4.3. have to

4.3.1. I have to study tonight Obligation

4.3.2. I don't have to help him It's not obligatory

4.4. Should

4.4.1. You should take the umbrella Recmendations

4.4.2. You should be sleeping before ten o'clock Obligation

4.4.3. She should be in London now Expectaions

4.5. Must

4.5.1. I mustn't eat chocolate in my conditions Prohibition

4.5.2. I must have my DNI in my hand Necessity

4.5.3. That must be Jerry Certainly

4.6. Might

4.6.1. She might be on the bus Possibility

4.6.2. You might taste the chesee cake Suggestion

4.6.3. Might I have something for drink? Request

4.7. Ought to

4.7.1. You ought to stom smoking Recomandation

4.7.2. She ought to receive the package tonight Probability

4.8. May

4.8.1. She may be at home Possibility

4.8.2. May I use the bathroom? Permission