Heuristic Evaluation (Register for www.hardwarezone.com)

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Heuristic Evaluation (Register for www.hardwarezone.com) by Mind Map: Heuristic Evaluation      (Register for  www.hardwarezone.com)

1. Visibility of the system status

1.1. Login and Sign Up are on the same level

1.2. Registration Page have header

1.3. Password strength is not shown as the password is entered

2. Help and documentation

2.1. If we have any difficulties in the courses of registration , there is a email address stated there so we can email them at [email protected] for help and enquiries

2.2. Instruction of how the new feature(2FA code) work and how it help to verify registration is shown.

3. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

3.1. Notify us what gone wrong at the top of the page after pressing complete registration therefore allowing us to recover from the errors with ease

3.1.1. Email address entered is incorrect or already in use

3.1.2. Username/Password is already in use or does not meet administrator's standards

3.1.3. Required information has not been filled or is invalid

3.1.4. The requested 2FA code is invalid or expired

3.1.5. String enter for the image verification did not match what was displayed.

3.2. Reason for errors are given in order

3.3. Provide immediate feedback with specific instruction for username(example alert the user immediately that the username had been taken and that they should use a different username)

3.4. However does not provide immediate feedback with specific instruction for password and email address( example it does not alert the user immediately if the password or email address matches or is invalid)

4. Error Prevention

4.1. Need to press complete registration in order to notify what errors has been make during registration.

4.2. Does not tell us straight if our password or email address matches.

5. User control and freedom

5.1. Reset Field to reset all entered information without delete each information one by one

5.2. Can choose to or not to receive from email from administrator

5.3. Can choose whether to show your information to other forum user like your date of birth

6. Consistency and standards

6.1. Important information that are related to privacy are highlighted in red.

6.2. The displayed Captcha of the image verification can be changed multiple times if the user could not identify it.

6.3. The displayed Captcha of the image verification are not clear sometimes

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

7.1. Already in use username has a red cross beside it and valid username has a green tick beside it

7.2. Email address and password are not highlighted in red if it is invalid or does not matches with the confirmed information.

7.3. Email address and password are not highlighted in green if it matches with the confirmed information

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

8.1. Much scrolling is need as there are alot of required information to fill

8.2. The information needed for user to enter are categorise into a few sections so user wont get mess up during registration

9. Match between system and the real world

9.1. Time Zone are automatically selected to the user's country at the start of the registration and it also can be change if the Time Zone is set incorrectly during registration

10. Recognition rather than recall

10.1. All Instruction for registration is given