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Personal Project by Mind Map: Personal Project

1. Possible Topics

1.1. Chemical reactions to create enrgy

1.1.1. Burning waste

1.2. Terrorism and its threat to the world

1.2.1. Build a model to explain one of the terrorist acts 9/11 London Bombing

1.2.2. To explain the threat of terrorism Types of terreorism Most active region Active groups

1.2.3. Design an iphone app that teaches people about modern terreorism Using Xcode

1.3. Creating Shirts that suits me

1.3.1. Human Ingenuity

1.4. Creating a cologne that suits me

1.4.1. Human Ingenuity

1.5. Designing and creating a new pair of football cleats that suits me

1.5.1. Human ingenuity

1.6. Designing an app that will teach the new students about our school

1.6.1. Human ingenuity

1.7. Investigation on Biotech

1.7.1. Enviroments

1.8. Investigation on Biotechnology

1.8.1. Enviroments

1.9. Investigate on biotechnology

1.9.1. Design an app that investigates on biotechnology

2. Hobbies

2.1. Video Making

2.2. Building Models

2.3. Chemistry

2.4. Sports

2.5. Designing

2.6. Computing

2.7. Biology

3. Interested AOIs

3.1. Human Ingenuity

3.1.1. Create Products

3.2. Health and Social Education

3.2.1. Skills and health related

3.3. Environments

3.3.1. Psychological environments

4. Not interested AOIs

4.1. Community and Service

4.2. Approaches to Learning

5. ATL Skills involved

5.1. Organization

5.1.1. Time Organization

5.2. Reflection

5.2.1. Reflect on the current progress and improvments