Building Blocks for a Healthy Diet

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Building Blocks for a Healthy Diet by Mind Map: Building Blocks for a Healthy Diet

1. Vary your VEGETABLES

1.1. Common Vegetables

1.1.1. broccoli

1.1.2. corn

1.1.3. squash

1.2. Health Benefits

1.2.1. may lower blood pressure

1.2.2. may decrease the risk of developing kidney stones

1.2.3. may help to decrease bone loss

2. Make at least half your GRAINS whole

2.1. Common Grains

2.1.1. rice

2.1.2. cereal

2.1.3. spaghetti

2.2. Health Benefits

2.2.1. may reduce the risk of heart disease

2.2.2. may help with weight management

2.2.3. helps prevent defects during fetal development

3. Focus on FRUITS

3.1. Common Fruits

3.1.1. apples

3.1.2. strawberries

3.1.3. cantaloupe

3.2. Health Benefits

3.2.1. may reduce risk for heart disease

3.2.2. may protect against certain types of cancers

3.2.3. may reduce risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes

4. Go lean with PROTEIN

4.1. Common Protein

4.1.1. beef

4.1.2. eggs

4.1.3. peanut butter

4.2. Health Benefits

4.2.1. building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood

4.2.2. building blocks for enzymes, hormones and vitamins

4.2.3. one of 3 nutrients that provide calories

5. Get your DAIRY from calcium-rich foods

5.1. Common Dairy

5.1.1. milk

5.1.2. pudding

5.1.3. Cheese

5.2. Health Benefits

5.2.1. improves bone health

5.2.2. may reduce the risk of osteoporosis

5.2.3. reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease & type 2 diabetes