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Emphasis by Mind Map: Emphasis

1. 1. Why Use Emphasis

1.1. simplifies the readers task

1.2. helps get the message through

1.3. emphasis is more visualy interesting to look at

1.4. deciding how much to emphasize takes time and effort

1.5. it helps to know what element need to be emphasised

1.6. if you don't know what to emphasis you might end up emphasising everything

2. 2. Decide What is Most Important

2.1. most pages benefit from emphasis

2.2. first decide what is most important: what parts of your piece will attract the most attention

2.3. once you have the order in which you want to emphasis,then you devolped a visual heiracrchy

2.4. a visual hierarchy is the arrangement in which your emphasises are

3. 3. Establishing Visual Hierarchy

3.1. Ask yourself the following: what is the primary message.

3.2. Are there secondary and tertary messages.

3.3. What elements best communicate with these messages.

3.4. What are the most important elements?

3.5. graphic designers use visual hierarchy to redirect the audiences attention starting with the main focal point

3.6. A focal point is the part of the message that has the most emphasis

3.7. secondary and tertary focal points are called accents.

3.8. try to limit your content

3.9. if you have a lot of content try to pick your most important elements

4. 4. Developing Sensetivity to Visual Hierarchy

4.1. You can become sensetive to visual hierarchy through intelligant observation

4.2. over time you will become more sensitive to visual hierarchy

5. 5. Emphasis Techniques

5.1. you can make your elements bigger, bolder, brighter, italic.

5.2. you can make cool borders, contrast colors, ect.

5.3. if you make one thing bright, dumb the other colors down or vis versa.

6. 6. Emphasis Examples

6.1. A few changes can change the whole piece.

6.2. Altering the words can change emphasis.

6.3. think about what you want to emphasize first.

6.4. The shortest emphasis can altar you final piece.

6.5. Removing white space can tighten up a letter or resume.

6.6. If you use all capitols it means that your shouting. Most beginners use all caps.

6.7. Reduce size if you want to have pictures.

7. 7. Too Much of a Good Thing

7.1. Novices usually use emphasis too much.

7.2. Too much of a good thing can ruin your design.

7.3. Keep your message short and simple.