BUSINESS BRIEF 2014 South Australian State Election

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BUSINESS BRIEF 2014 South Australian State Election by Mind Map: BUSINESS BRIEF 2014 South Australian State Election

1. 1. State Taxation

1.1. Noting state government revenue constraints, which ONE of the following options would most benefit to your business and which ONE would least benefit your business

1.1.1. Stamp Duty Completely abolish stamp duty on all business assets transferred within South Australia Completely exempt from stamp duty all corporate restructures

1.1.2. Land Tax Reduce land tax rates and establish in their place a broad based infrastructure levy, collected in a similar way to the Emergency Services Levy that many people pay

1.1.3. Payroll Tax Continue recently-announced payroll-tax concessions (2.45% for payrolls up to $1 million) Exempt apprentices and trainees from payroll-tax Meaningfully increase the payroll tax threshold

1.1.4. Provide WorkCover levy concessions for small to medium size enterprises

1.2. Will payroll tax concessions announced in the 2013/2014 state budget noticeably assist your business

1.2.1. Yes

1.2.2. No Why? My taxable payroll is under the threshold I do not pay enough payroll tax for it to be of any real impact Concession only runs for 2 years My taxable payroll is too high to benefit

1.3. Does Revenue SA need to improve its administration?

1.3.1. Yes What should it focus on? Enhance online portal capabilities for submitting payroll and other state tax obligations Responsiveness to queries Handling of disputes / correspondence

1.3.2. No

1.4. Will the car park tax levied in the Adelaide City Council zone impact your business?

1.4.1. Yes - directly

1.4.2. Yes - indirectly

1.4.3. No

1.5. Would you support an increase to the GST if it lead to a meaningful reduction in state taxation?

1.5.1. Yes - but only by < 5%

1.5.2. Yes - increase it by > 5%

1.5.3. No

2. 2. Your Business in SA

2.1. Is the State Government a client of your business?

2.1.1. Yes What % of total revenue comes from state government work? Does the State Government always pay its bills on time Yes No

2.1.2. No Can your business provide services to state government, and if so in what area (list state government sectors).

2.2. Have you encountered any barriers imposed by state government to operating or expanding your business?

2.2.1. Yes In what areas Licensing Cost and complexity of tendering Regulation & Red Tape State Tax Administration / application charges Workcover levies Other Had the above barriers not existed, estimate the gross increase in annual turnover your business would experience ($ value on forecast increase)

2.2.2. No

2.3. Did your business start in South Australia?

2.3.1. Yes In one sentence, summarise the main reason for starting business in SA Do you now have branches interstate / overseas?

2.3.2. No In which state was it started WA NT QLD NSW ACT VIC TAS What promted you to establish operations in South Australia?

2.4. Do you export products / services interstate / overseas?

2.4.1. Yes - Interstate

2.4.2. Yes - Overseas

2.4.3. No

2.5. Do you have trouble finding and retaining suitable staff for your business?

2.5.1. Yes What is the main cause of this? Specialised industry environment Transient workforce Lack of skills / training Do you believe these problems would exist interstate? Is this the fault of our education / university / TAFE system? Yes No

2.5.2. No

2.6. Workcover

2.6.1. How well do you believe WorkCover SA is administered, funded and operated Better than other states On par with other states Worse than other states

2.6.2. Have you ever needed to deal with Workcover investing a case concerning your business? Yes Were you satisfied with how the matter was handled No

2.6.3. What should be the main focus of the state government when it comes to continuous improvement of WorkCover The amount charged in Workcover Levies The way the WorkCover scheme is administered

2.7. Is your business prepared for the new work health and safety legislation in place from 1 January 2013 in South Australia?

2.7.1. Yes Have SafeWork SA resources been useful Yes No Do you believe these new requirements are either positive or an unnecessary cost for your business Positive Unnecessary cost

2.7.2. No Does your business have resources to investigate this in the foreseeable future Yes No

2.8. Compared with other states, is South Australia a low cost place to do business?

2.8.1. Yes

2.8.2. No

2.9. Compared to other states, do you believe our state government does enough to assist business in SA?

2.9.1. Yes

2.9.2. No Which one of these two options would be of most assistance to business in South Australia? Cut state government taxes and levies, reducing as a consequence the amount of cash invested by government in the local economy Make no reductions to state government taxes and levies, and focus on targeted investment in the local economy

3. 3. South Australia's Economic Future

3.1. From your experience in business, do you feel the economy in South Australia is:

3.1.1. Growing On the whole, are we out performing other states? Yes No

3.1.2. Going backwards For how long has this been the case? Since I can remember Last 5 years Last 2 years

3.2. Is population growth important to the State's economic growth?

3.2.1. Yes - very important

3.2.2. Yes - somewhat

3.2.3. No

3.3. How important is it for South Australia to win back its AAA credit rating?

3.3.1. Very important

3.3.2. Somewhat important

3.3.3. Not important

3.4. How important is it for the state government to return its budget to surplus, reducing state debt?

3.4.1. Very important and within 2 years

3.4.2. Somewhat important and within 4 years

3.4.3. Not very important in the foreseeable future

3.5. What sectors in SA will provide opportunities for your business in the future

3.5.1. Manufacturing

3.5.2. Defence

3.5.3. Natural Resources

3.5.4. Professional Services

3.5.5. Housing and Construction

3.5.6. Other

3.5.7. Government capital works projects

3.6. Does business gain any competitive edge through establishing operations in South Australia?

3.6.1. Yes Geographic Location Workforce Low cost of living Less regulation / red tape

3.6.2. No

3.7. Do you believe the state government has managed South Australia's economy well over the past 4 years

3.7.1. Yes

3.7.2. No Of the following, what do you believe the main economic shortcoming of the government to be? Budget deficits Poor spending priorities Failure to reduce regulation / red tape Failure to implement meaningful tax reform