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Great Barrier Reef by Mind Map: Great Barrier Reef
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Great Barrier Reef


World's largest coral reef

"the only living organic collective visible from Earth's orbit"

3,000 reefs

600 islands

1,250 along Australia's northeast coast

Larger than the Great Wall of China

One of the seven wonders of the natural world


1,500 species of fish

4,000 species of molluscs

400 species of coral

215 species of birds

16 species of sea snakes

6 species of sea turtles

Scuba diving



500,000 years old

Great Barrier Reef was declared World Heritage on 26th October 1981

The reef was named by Matthew Flinders in 1802

Corals are some of the world’s oldest forms of animal life-about five hundred years old.

The reef contains thirty shipwreck sites of historical significance

Some regions of the reef are considered to be some eighteen million years old.