3 major subsystems of a computer

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3 major subsystems of a computer by Mind Map: 3 major subsystems of a computer

1. In order to communicate with their human users, computers require these devices that allow people to input information into the computer.

1.1. Auxillary Input/ Output Devices

1.1.1. Digital Camera

1.1.2. Printer

1.1.3. Scanner

2. This area consists of several devices familiar to everyone who has a computer.

2.1. User Interface

2.1.1. Speakers

2.1.2. Microphone

2.1.3. Monitor

2.1.4. Mouse

2.1.5. Keyboard

3. The computer's operating system, the applications we buy, and the documents we write are all stored on these different devices.

3.1. Auxillary Storage or Secondary Memory

3.1.1. Hard Disk

3.1.2. CD Rom

3.1.3. Diskette

3.1.4. Flash Drive