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RTWB by Mind Map: RTWB
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Communications Team - Amanda Rampersaud & Amanda Castro

French Translation - Geneviève Fortin, RRT

Monthly Updates Coordinator

Stories from the field Coordinator -

Social Media Coordinator USA - Amanda Castro

Social Media Coordinator Canada - Amanda Rampersaud

Conference Coordinator

Director of Operations - Pauley Ting, BSc, MBA

Information Technology Support Manager

Operational Standards Manager - Mike Yung, HBSc

Map Master

Fundraiser - Candy Law

Finance Team

Legal Aide


Continental Program Managers

Pre-deployment Coordinator

Deployment Coordinator - Mira Tusha

Deployment Coordinator - Taylor Driscoll

US Deployment Coordinator

Re-entry Coordinator

Director of International Relations - Dan Elliot, RRT

Healthcare Education Partners

Kenya HEP Coordinator - Annette Lievaart

Nepal HEP Coordinator - Eric Cheng

USA HEP Coordinator

Infection Prevention & Control Coordinator-Arpita Bhattacharya

Interim Director of Volunteer Relations - Eric Cheng, RRT, CRE, FCSRT

Regulatory College Liaisons

Industry Liaisons

Hospital Liaisons

Respiratory Society Liaisons

Regional Representatives

Orientation Coordinator

Onboarding Coordinator - Ramiza Kokub

Volunteer Appreciator

Conference Coordinator - Dan Elliot


Marilyn Hyndman, RRT, MAppSc

Mo Shariff, RRT

Les Matthews, RRT(A), MA

Rob Bryan, AEMCA, RRT, AA


Immediate need

Ongoing need

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New (in the last 6 months)

Board of Directors

Executive Board

Co-founding Director - Annette Lievaart, RRT

Co-founding Director - Clement Hui, AEMCA, RRT

Co-founding Director and Culture Creator - Eric Cheng, RRT, CRE, FCSRT

Co-founding Director - Pauley Ting, BSc, MBA

Director of International Relations - Dan Elliot, RRT