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RTWB by Mind Map: RTWB
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Communications Team - Amanda Rampersaud & Amanda Castro

French Translation - Geneviève Fortin, RRT

Monthly Updates Coordinator

Stories from the field Coordinator -

Social Media Coordinator USA - Amanda Castro

Social Media Coordinator Canada - Amanda Rampersaud

Conference Coordinator

Director of Operations - Pauley Ting, BSc, MBA

Information Technology Support Manager


Operational Standards Manager - Mike Yung, HBSc

Map Master

Fundraiser - Candy Law

Finance Team

Accountant - Sarah Ng

Treasurer - William Ng

Auditor - Rita Mok, BBA, CGA

US Representative

Legal Aide


Continental Program Managers

Africa Program Manager - Annette Lievaart, RRT

Asia Program Manager - Eric Cheng

Australian Program Manager - vacant

Central American Program Manager - vacant

Europe Program Manager - vacant

Middle East Program Manager - vacant

North American Program Manager - vacant

South American Program Manager - vacant

Pre-deployment Coordinator

Deployment Coordinator - Mira Tusha

Deployment Coordinator - Taylor Driscoll

US Deployment Coordinator

Re-entry Coordinator

Director of International Relations - Dan Elliot, RRT

Healthcare Education Partners

Kenya HEP Coordinator - Annette Lievaart

Tenwek Hospital (Pending)

AIC Litein Hospital, Joshua Tonui, Annette Lievaart

Nepal HEP Coordinator - Eric Cheng

Bayalpata Hospital, Dr. Boop, Eric Cheng

BIR Hospital (Pending), Dr. P Vaidya, Eric Cheng

CIWEC Hospital, Dr. Prativa, Eric Cheng

Himalayan Rescue Association, Prakash Adhikari, Eric Cheng

International Friendship Childrens Hospital, Dr. Shanta Shakya, Vilija Valadka

Kathmandu Medical College (Pending), Professor D Manandhar, Eric Cheng

Lamjung District Community Hospital, Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Eric Cheng

Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Dr. Ashis Shrestha, Annika Janssens, RRT

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (Pending), Dr. S Acharya, Eric Cheng

TEAM Mission Hospital (Expired)

Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (Pending), Dr. Bishwas Pradhan, Eric Cheng

United Mission Hospital

USA HEP Coordinator

Western Michigan University - Engineering Design Team, Stephen John, Sharon Au

Infection Prevention & Control Coordinator-Arpita Bhattacharya

Interim Director of Volunteer Relations - Eric Cheng, RRT, CRE, FCSRT

Regulatory College Liaisons

Industry Liaisons

Hospital Liaisons

Respiratory Society Liaisons

Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario

Texas Society for Respiratory Care, Wendy Castro

Regional Representatives

Canada, British Columbia, Eric Cheng, Ontario, Clement Hui, Quebec, Macro Zaccagnini, Alberta, Kayla Manuel, Saskatchewan, Erin Brighton

Orientation Coordinator

Onboarding Coordinator - Ramiza Kokub

Volunteer Appreciator

Conference Coordinator - Dan Elliot


Marilyn Hyndman, RRT, MAppSc

Mo Shariff, RRT

Les Matthews, RRT(A), MA

Rob Bryan, AEMCA, RRT, AA


Immediate need

Ongoing need

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New (in the last 6 months)

Board of Directors

Executive Board

Co-founding Director - Annette Lievaart, RRT

Co-founding Director - Clement Hui, AEMCA, RRT

Co-founding Director and Culture Creator - Eric Cheng, RRT, CRE, FCSRT

Co-founding Director - Pauley Ting, BSc, MBA

Director of International Relations - Dan Elliot, RRT