Assuage (verb)

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Assuage (verb) by Mind Map: Assuage (verb)

1. Definition

1.1. Make an unpleasant feeling less intense

1.2. Satisfy an appetite or desire

2. Synonyms

2.1. ease

2.2. mitigate

2.3. reduce

3. Other Forms

3.1. assuaged (verb)

3.1.1. She assuaged Gabriel's hunger by feeding him carrots and peas.

3.2. assuaging (verb)

3.2.1. Bob is sad from losing the big race so Mike is assuaging him with a big ice cream cone.

3.3. assuager (noun)

3.3.1. Lily is Rose's assuager when she gets depressed about her divorced parents

4. Antonyms

4.1. intensify

4.2. provoke

4.3. aggravate

5. Examples

5.1. The doctor must assuage the mans cut or he will be in pain the rest of the month

5.2. The nurse needs to assuage the baby's hunger or else he will cry the whole night