Fret (verb)

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Fret (verb) by Mind Map: Fret (verb)

1. Definition

1.1. To cause to suffer emotional pain

1.2. To become worried or agitated

2. Synonyms

2.1. Grieve

2.2. Mope

2.3. Agonize

3. Other Forms

3.1. Fretful

3.1.1. The fretful father screamed and yelled at his son, causing him to cry.

3.2. Fretfully

3.2.1. The sleeping grandma fretfully woke up from a horrible nightmare.

4. Antonyms

4.1. Calm

4.2. Comfort

4.3. Soothe

5. Examples

5.1. The worried mother

5.2. The agitated father