Cloud GIS Deployment

Work Breakdown Structure for Project Management Course INFO615

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Cloud GIS Deployment by Mind Map: Cloud GIS Deployment

1. Stakeholder Requirements

1.1. Identify Stakeholders

1.1.1. Obtain company hierarchy or structure

1.1.2. Classify stakeholders according to position in structure

1.2. Stakeholders Needs Assessment

1.2.1. Create Needs Assessment Survey

1.2.2. Send out Surveys to Stakeholders

1.3. Documentation of stakeholder needs

1.3.1. Compile preliminary reports from surveys and distribute reports

1.3.2. Have sessions for feedback

1.3.3. Publish final survey report and results

2. System Requirements

2.1. Hardware

2.1.1. Check and aquire pcs, labtops and tablets and document pc serial numbers

2.1.2. Relate pc, labtop and tablet serial numbers to users for troubleshooting purposes

2.1.3. Configure Arc GIS application for all devices

2.2. Operating System

2.2.1. Check system requirements for latest Arc GIS and Cloud software

2.2.2. Check operating system compatibility

2.2.3. Update operating system environment

2.3. Software

2.3.1. Check pricing of latest arc gis software with vendors and determine number of licenses

2.3.2. Install latest version of arc gis software on computers and tablets

2.3.3. Identify & Obtain Cloud Software Required

3. System Deployment

3.1. System Installation

3.1.1. Obtain all system installation files

3.2. System Configuration

3.2.1. Ensure System Configuration is aligned to stakeholder requirements

3.2.2. Check configuration settings to match software

3.3. User Acceptance Testing

3.3.1. Develop UAT Scenarios

3.3.2. Communicate and Conduct UATs

3.3.3. Consolidate issues for troubleshooting

3.4. Troubleshooting

3.4.1. Prioritize troubleshooting issues based on UAT findings

3.4.2. Define timeframe for removal of identified technical issues

3.4.3. Conduct training and document troubleshooting steps for IT workers

4. Training

4.1. Organization of training sessions

4.1.1. Schedule times and venues

4.1.2. Identify Instructors for training sessions

4.1.3. Create particiapant list and send out announcements and invitations to training sessions

4.2. Conduct training Sessions

4.2.1. Carry out training and assess feedback

4.3. Development of Training Materials

4.3.1. Create tailored training materials to specific stakeholder groups

4.3.2. Create online training site