Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for

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Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for by Mind Map: Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for

1. Visibility of System Status

1.1. When user press the textbox, it will start blinking

1.2. It will notify you that the user's comment has been sent successfully

1.3. There is no notification when user cast the vote

2. Matching System with Real World

2.1. Printer & letter icons represent printing and eamil function.

3. User Control & Freedom

3.1. User can share, print or email the article from the website itself.

3.2. User can filter the content

3.3. Can easily go back to the previous page if users click a wrong link

4. Consistency & Standard

4.1. Search engine are normally at the top of the page

4.2. Title, description and link of the article are all in three different colours.

5. Error Prevention

5.1. Uses the asterisk to tell the users that they required to fill up the indicated boxes

5.2. System will prompt the users to fill up the required fields before they can submit their comment

6. Recognition & Recall

6.1. When entering a search on a search box, a list of words that were typed before by the user will appear.

7. Flexibility & Efficiency

7.1. User can share, print or email the article from the website itself.

8. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

8.1. Different category separated by different tabs

9. Help User Recognise, Diagnose and Recover from Errors

9.1. System will prompt the user if there is an error

10. Help & Documentation

10.1. There are no guide to help the user

10.2. The calendar will pops out to help user choose the date easily