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Book a cruises by Mind Map: Book a cruises

1. Match between system and the real world

1.1. the headers are on top,it gives a clear direaction that where the user should go .

1.2. the picture clearly shows that the activities that they have

1.3. telephone help line has a picture operator

2. error prevention

2.1. there is no search to ne found

2.2. some image can be click some can not

3. help and documentation

3.1. there are some help button below to guide you how to make payment and make a booking ect

3.2. however ,there is no guide line inside to make a booking !

4. Flexibility and efficiency of use

4.1. there is no booking button to book a cruise

4.2. there is too many information inside the rates page

4.3. there is a pop-out bar where some short cut can be found .eg.print faster

4.4. schedule page has pop-out a print option

5. Aesthetic and minimalist design

5.1. the webside is very messy .

5.2. too much information is loaded

5.3. many seperation info.areas with no seperation

5.4. much scrolling is needed at a comfortable resolution

6. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

6.1. there is no undo or redo button

6.2. inform that the page is loading

7. Recognition rather than recall

7.1. the system has no any visible actions

7.2. the documents are not retrievable

7.3. telephone line has a picture of call operator

8. Consistency and standards

8.1. there is an indication of page numbers

8.2. contact and adress of the company can be found on the top right hand corner

8.3. there is not a search button

8.4. no booking button to be found next to every cruise

8.5. some links are text ,some buttons

8.6. main menubar items have same design ,and the colour all is in purple

9. User control and freedom

9.1. there is an emergency exist to leave the page

9.2. content/advert confusion

10. Visibility of the system status

10.1. it doesnt gives any confirmation or response when i click book .

10.2. I can go back to previous page.