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acute asthma by Mind Map: acute asthma
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acute asthma

reduce risk of relapse

adherence to medication

food/ environmental allergens

removal of environmental factors

avoidance of triggers

compliance with medication and therapy

clinical presentation


Goal 1

Goal 2

increase heart rate

Session Rule 1

Session Rule 2

increase respiratory rate

reduce lung function


peak expiratory flow

use of accessory muscles

inability to speak

shortness of breath



assess severity

correct hypoxemia

reverse airflow obstruction, anticholinergic meds, beta 2 agonists, systemic corticosteroids, within 1 hour of admission

reduce risk of relapse, written plan of action, regocogition of early s/s, removal of environmental factors, reduce trigger exposure, compliance with medication regimen



peak expiratory rate

ABG values

oxygen saturation

physical exam

severity assessment

mild, may be managed at home

moderate, may require ED visit

severe, if unresponsive to treatment within 4-6 hours, admission into hospital


allergen exposure

T-cell activation, eosinophil production, oxidative stress, asthma exacerbation

inflammatory response activation, vasospasm, mucus formation, plug