Boston Castle Documentary Ideas

Initial ideas for our childrens documentary on the re-generation of Boston Castle

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Boston Castle Documentary Ideas by Mind Map: Boston Castle Documentary Ideas

1. Interviews

1.1. Who with?

1.1.1. Boston Castle Board members Frank Previous Residents

2. Re-enactments

2.1. Costumes

2.1.1. What era? What Period?

2.2. Location

3. Presenters (for childrens tv programme)

3.1. Who?

3.1.1. Jade? Becky? Daniel?

3.1.2. Drama Students?

4. Audience?

4.1. Documentary aimed at children

4.1.1. Bright Colours

4.1.2. Fun Presenters

4.1.3. Need to keep them interested

4.1.4. Ages 8-13?

4.2. Documentary Aimed At Students

4.2.1. For students 14-19

4.3. For A Documentary Aimed at the Elderly

4.3.1. 50+

5. Things to keep in mind

5.1. Where being shown?

5.2. Who is the target audience?

5.2.1. And how do we keep them interested?

5.3. What facts are we keeping and cutting?

5.4. What Period are we looking at?

5.4.1. Costumes

5.4.2. Locations

6. Facts to focus on

6.1. The Secret Tunnel

6.2. Boston Tea Party Story

6.2.1. Re-enactment?

7. Idea One

7.1. Childrens Tv Programme

8. Idea Two

8.1. Students Documentary

8.1.1. Lots of facts and figures to teach Detailed historical information and historical Documents

9. Idea Three

9.1. Documentary for the elderly

9.1.1. Alot from profession speakers and residents of Boston Castle More of History rather than Facts and Figures.

10. Props

10.1. Idea One

10.1.1. 18th Century Costumes, White Back-Drop, 'funky' Clothes, maybe some other things to be decided at a later time.

10.2. Idea Two

10.2.1. Historical Documents

10.3. Idea Three

10.3.1. Historical Documents (possibly)