Desktop Project

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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. Themes

1.1. Abstract

1.1.1. A collection of smaller images to create a main image

1.1.2. Something that needs a second look to notice the image

1.2. College

1.2.1. Iconic imagery that would represent the college

1.2.2. Maybe involing something that people could recognise as Shipley college

1.3. Fanstasy

1.3.1. Something that isn't physically real

1.3.2. Recognisable by people

2. What to Include

2.1. Content

2.1.1. Simple Absract Dragon Image will be copied off the internet and addapted to suit copyright. Edited in Photoshop covers the bottom of the desktop

2.1.2. Photos in/of college Photos will be taken via camera and uploaded onto the computer Edited and resized in photoshop Photos incorparated with abstract

2.1.3. Logo

2.1.4. Student Charter Respect Teamwork

2.2. Colours

2.2.1. Black

2.2.2. White

2.2.3. Some bright colours

3. Target Audience

3.1. School and college students

3.1.1. Content that is relevent to the college

3.1.2. Nothing that would seem inappropriate

3.2. Staff and visitors

3.2.1. Nothing that would affend

3.2.2. Something that an older audience would appreciate

3.3. 16-20 years old

3.3.1. Something relating to youth culture

3.3.2. Something young people would like, being the majority