Cleaning the House

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Cleaning the House by Mind Map: Cleaning the House

1. Bathroom

1.1. clean the toilet

1.1.1. bleach

1.1.2. clean around the outside

1.2. wash the tub

1.2.1. use Mr. Clean Magic Marker

1.2.2. clean the faucet

2. Kitchen

2.1. organize the cupboards

2.1.1. Follow the tips at this website how to organize:

2.1.2. make sure to throw out any empty boxes

2.2. clean the fridge

2.2.1. throw out any rotton food

2.2.2. empty fridge before clenaing

3. Bedroom

3.1. Spray the mattress

3.1.1. use Norwex spray

3.1.2. let dry for 1 hour

3.2. wash walls

3.2.1. All-Purpose Cleaner: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda (or 2 teaspoons borax) into 1/2 gallon (2 liters) water. Store and keep. Use for removal of water deposit stains on shower stall panels, bathroom chrome fixtures, windows, bathroom mirrors, etc. Or use a citrus-based natural all-purpose cleaner. Another alternative are microfiber cloths which lift off dirt, grease and dust without the need for cleaning chemicals, because they are formulated to penetrate and trap dirt. There are a number of different brands. A good quality cloth can last for several years.

3.2.2. make sure to get the wall above the closet

4. Living Room

4.1. dust the T.V.

4.1.1. lift up T.V. and dust underneath

4.1.2. dust behind the T.V.

4.2. get stain out of carpet

4.2.1. stain is by the T.V.

4.2.2. Carpet stains: Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on stain, let sit for several minutes, and clean with a brush or sponge using warm soapy water. For fresh grease spots, sprinkle corn starch onto spot and wait 15 - 30 minutes before vacuuming. For a heavy duty carpet cleaner, mix 1/4 cup each of salt, borax and vinegar. Rub paste into carpet and leave for a few hours. Vacuum.

5. Porch

5.1. sweep the floor

5.1.1. under the freezer

5.1.2. under the shoe rack

5.2. organize the shoes

5.2.1. make sure the dress shoes are in the closet

5.2.2. make sure work boots are outside