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Equity Crowdfunding Ecosystems (by @jsandlund) by Mind Map: Equity Crowdfunding Ecosystems (by @jsandlund)
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Equity Crowdfunding Ecosystems (by @jsandlund)

Pre-Funding Nodes

Internal Due Diligence

Partnership with MVCtest

Partnership with SPINS

Offline Events

The Platform/Technology


Post-Funding Nodes

Partnership with General Mills

Partnership with Procter & Gamble

Company/Investor forum

CircleUp relationships and know-how

Other Considerations

Here a few general thoughts, outside of CircleUp specifically

How will platforms augment the value-add of investors?

Sourcing deal flow: What relationships will platforms build to source high-quality deal flow?

Liquidating the marketplace: What relationships will platforms build to bring additional liquidity to the marketplace?


Nodes: points of value-add, for the investor, business, or both.

CircleUp's equity platform is used as an example

Supplemental Article: