Technology in Primary Classes

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Technology in Primary Classes by Mind Map: Technology in Primary Classes

1. Screentime

1.1. What is the recommended amount of screen time?

1.2. Is screen time for educational purposes different than screen time for games?

2. Rationale

2.1. Is technology appropriate for primary students?

2.2. What technology is appropriate?

2.2.1. iPads, laptops, or desktops management ideas

2.3. What are appropriate ways to use technology with primary students?

2.4. What do students need to know to be prepared for more complex ICT activities in later grades?

3. Ways to Share Learning

3.1. What activities are better on paper? Which are better using technology?

3.1.1. video creation

3.1.2. photo documentation

3.2. What apps and web apps are developmentally appropriate?

3.3. How do you go about planning a meaningful activity using ICT?

3.4. What are some really good examples of technology in primary?

3.4.1. share specifics so teachers get ideas and see it is possible Maybe a workshop? How do you structure a workshop? I've never given one before maybe a website? What would that look like?

4. Digital Citizenship

4.1. How much should primary students be connecting with others online?

4.2. What does digital citizenship look like at this age?