Copy of Copy of Convergent Plate

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Copy of Copy of Convergent Plate by Mind Map: Copy of Copy of Convergent Plate

1. Defination:plates move towards each other and become faulted,folded and sometimes subducted.

1.1. example: along the north of Pacific Plate and the North American Plate,and between the Philippine Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

2. Oceanic-oceanic plate convergence

2.1. 1.when tow oceanic plates converge and collide,the denser oceanic plate will subduct beneath the less dense oceanic plate.

2.2. 2. a depression in the sea floor callled oceanic trench created.A deep oceanic trench is formed at the point of subduction

2.3. 3.the sinking crust of the denser plate melts and forms magma

2.4. 4.the magma rises through the crust and forms volcanoes.Eventually,a chain or arc of islands is formed.

2.5. 5.Earthquakes may also occur,this due to the friction created between two moving rock masses when a plate subducts under another.

2.6. example:Pacific Plate and Philippine Plate

3. Continental-continental plate convergence

3.1. 1.when two continental plates converge and collide/push against each other.This causes the plates to beak and slide along fractures in the crust.

3.2. 2.layers of rock on the upper part of the crust are then compressed together ,and they fold upwards or sideways,creating fold mountains.

3.3. example:between the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate

4. Oceanic-Continental plate convergence

4.1. 1.when an oceanic plate converges with a continental plate,the denser oceanic plate subducts under/beneath the less denser continental plate

4.2. oceanic trench is formed at the subduction zone .

4.3. 3.the continental plate buckles and folds,forming fold mountains.

4.4. 4.the magma rises through the crust,givings to volcanoes and volcanic eruptions.

4.5. example:Eurasian Pate and Australian Plate